Three things I want at Williams-Sonoma


May 11, 2012 by admin

Maybe its gauche to say I want something three days before Mother’s Day, but it’s only because these silly catalogs keep coming all this week that I want so many things.  And these things are really random and somewhat healthy so I thought I’d share.

These are three things I’m likely going to buy myself next week from Williams-Sonoma:

1) A yogurt maker:

Even though it grosses me out a little that yogurt is old milk, this one has cute little jars and we eat a ton of yogurt in this house, maybe this would cut down on all the plastic ones we keep buying.  I also want to experiment with things like vanilla beans and honey, earl grey tea and fresh summer berries.  And wouldn’t it be so cool to say “I made this yogurt!”  (I think yes.)

2) A mushroom grower:

This want must be a little in my genes as my grandfather was a mushroom farmer at one time, and this crazy log would make such a weird conversation piece in a kitchen so it totally intrigues me.  I’m tempted to put this on my Christmas gift list too.  (If you don’t want a mushroom log surprise please feel free to email me in advance.)

3) A cheese making kit:

Since my guys are obsessed with the Beecher’s cheese window at the market, it’s only natural that I’m contemplating making my own.  Again, the old milk thing is really bizarre to me, but it would be so cool to make cheese in our own kitchen.

Ultimately I’m trying to get away from just making sweets in the kitchen with the guys.  I want them to know where their food comes from and why we eat what we do to be healthy so they can make healthy choices on their own as they grow up.  I love that this past Williams-Sonoma Catalog had so many pages dedicated to “agrarian resources.”  (And the hubby is just thankful that I’m scared enough of chicken poo that I don’t want to buy a coop.)


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