Mod Pizza and men hard at work

Salad Bowl at Mod Pizza
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My guys’ third occupational choice after pilot and UPS driver would probably be construction worker tied with garbage man.  They love the construction exhibit at the Children’s Museum.  They could spend hours there clocking in, collecting supplies, getting their outfits on and screwing things together. 

Before having boys I didn’t really have the same appreciation for these men in hard hats and all the work they do and I’m also really excited about something currently being constructed in the center house above the museum:  Mod pizza.  We finally went to the one in Bellevue a few weeks ago and it was quick and delicious.  The boys loved getting their own pizzas and I loved that they were under 4 dollars each!  I think the one in Seattle Center, (or the Armory as it’s now called) opens mid-June and having such a reasonable/yummy option on site will make “going to work” so much easier for me and my little construction workers.  Join us for lunch?

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