A winning travel craft kit

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I’m not sure who first told me about this, (I think I might have seen it in a tweet from “Apartment_mama” in Vancouver ages ago), but it sounded so cool that when I saw the Alex Toys’ My Collage Farm on sale at Barnes and Noble for under 10 dollars I totally bought it.

It turns out that this is the perfect craft kit for a car trip travel adventure because it came with all the pieces, the glue, and crayons to make 4 animal crafts.  There were no scissors but for most 3-year-olds (like mine), this type of craft doesn’t really need that kind of precision.  When my guys woke up at 6am on a recent adventure I was thankful I brought it along: we were all entertained for at least 30 minutes after which the guys incorporated their creations into some kind of make-believe-game and left me alone to make coffee.

(PS. You could also make something like this yourself by getting a big ziplock bag, print out some animal pictures on card stock, throw in stickers, feathers, crayons, googly eyes and a glue stick but that would take a little more pre-planning.)

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