A long time ago in Vancouver with baby twins

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I’m feeling a little nostalgic because my guys are headed full-speed for their 4th birthday and it’s just making me wish that time would slow down just a little.  I found some pics from a Vancouver trip we took when they were still teeny tiny and small and I can’t believe that time is so far away.  The Pacific Palisades hotel that we baby-proofed here is now a rental unit in Vancouver, but it was quite fabulous for family travel at the time and look at all the stuff we brought with us.  Thank goodness for the mini-van.

Hotel set up for baby twins

We also carted not one but TWO strollers on our trip.  Our city-mini double was perfect for getting in and out of doors on trendy Robson street. (PS: I can’t go to Robson without stopping for crepes!)

Baby twins visit Vancouver in a city mini stroller

And I can’t believe how much we used our Double Snap n Go.  Here it’s parked in front of one of our favorite coffee shops in Vancouver: 49th parallel.

Baby twins in Vancouver in a double snap and go

And I think only one Leelee was awake when we ate at Tomatoes. (It’s also closed now!  So much changes over just a few years!)  But I love this picture and his darling little baby face. (And my sweet hubby too!)

Now I feel so bare when we travel.  We no longer have strollers, or Boppys, or exersaucers or diaper bags.  We don’t have to bring the guys special foods or constantly change diapers or worry about entertaining one baby while the other snoozes.  It’s easy and it’s way more fun.  But a little part of me misses this precious teensy stage.  And on rainy mornings like today I love looking at pictures and visiting my sweet babies for a little while.

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  1. We’re preparing for our first trip with the boys. We’ll be taking a 6 hour (well, 6 hours without kids) car ride and then staying in a cabin for a week. We’re past the infant equipment stage but now we’re in the pre-walker toddler stage and need a lot of baby-proofing and corralling equipment. We ended up buying a car top carrier because I don’t think everything will fit in the van!

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