One of those hobbies I don’t really talk about

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Normally, I wouldn’t really tell anyone about this hobby.  It’s not glamorous, like, say rock-climbing or scuba-diving in your spare time.  But, it was too precious watching my guys find their first ‘geocache’ that I had to share.

Yes, we geocache (sometimes and not always on purpose, and this was our first time since the kids were born, but now we’re back and we may try and bring you along under the pretense you’re going on a ‘hike’.)  Pretend it’s a giant treasure hunt and we’re like pirates who trade.

The good thing is the guys might learn a little about trading, and leaving treasure for someone else.

They will definitely learn about stinging nettles.  (Especially in Discovery Park. I’ve never seen so much stinging nettles!)

We may get lucky and see some wildlife.

And find other hobbies the guys declare they’ll try one day.  (oh no.)

I do think we need less conspicuous outfits next time.  But these were good hiking costumes for urban treasure hunters and there is a ton of loot hidden all around Seattle.  (I don’t think we’re the only ones searching, that’s for sure.)

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