Re-entry after my first trip away

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Somewhere in between the big hugs, the ‘welcome home mommy’ banner and the “what did you bring me’s?” reality has set in.  I’m back at home after my 100 hour journey and the guys are making it clear that re-entry will not be easy as long as they can help it.  I caught a tinge of it yesterday when I noticed them climbing higher on the furniture and testing boundaries at bed-time and bath.  But today it was full-blown mommy hazing.  “We want to swim” they chorused this morning and I took one look at the pouring rain outside and challenged them back “Of course!” and I put on my swimsuit.  On the way, we needed to get our birthday invites made so we stopped at the copy store where two boys put on the show of their life.  While I talked to the cashier, they ran around my ankles, pulled supplies off the shelves and flipped my skirt up flashing all who stood behind me.  (thank goodness I was wearing a swim-suit!) Red-faced I stood there, completed my transaction and left the store, little monsters in hand.  “We will be better” they promised so we made it to the swimming pool where there was a slight break in the rain.  We had a fun time splashing around in the grey hazy almost-sun and the squeals of “thank you mommy” cast hope that the evil spell would be broken.  But the moment we got home the duo plugged the toilet, unpacked my bags and re-arranged all the furniture in the living room.  “Please leave mommy’s things alone!” I cried and they countered with a chorus of “Go back to France mommy-Just for one day.”  An attempted arrow to the heart.  I had to deflect.  So I packed them in the car and off to the library we went and after another epic tantrum two tired boys piled back in the van and fell fast asleep.  Watching their cherub-like faces silently breathe in and out, I think tomorrow will be better. ( I, meanwhile, am enjoying a macaron, reflecting and remembering that for a few sweet moments a short time ago I knew freedom and I still, willingly came back.)

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  1. Ugh! Sorry they’re giving you a hard time, tomorrow will be better 🙂
    (that comment – arrow to the heart indeed)

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