Happy 4th!

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I thought we’d start the morning with patriotic pancakes, but the guys preferred the deconstructed version, so I was the only one in the family who actually ate a flag for breakfast.

But the guys liked painting the “Statue of Liberty” and “Uncle Sam” masks we picked up at the Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago.  (I’ve heard about this store and had never been and when I finally got there I found it’s like another Jo-Ann or Michael’s craft store.  The closest one to me is in Lynnwood so I’m not sure I’ll be making the trek often, but it is nice to know that there is one more big store option for craft stuff, which I’m sure my hubby will love.  Right honey? I know how much you *love* when I make messes crafts.)  After celebrating Canada day with beaver cupcakes, I’m trying to help them with their country symbols but it is very difficult to explain the idea of countries and patriotism to 3-year olds- so this will have to do.

They also liked planting our flags in our yard and getting on our festive Old Navy flag shirts.  (I really hate how they print Old Navy and the year on these shirts because they become a little one-time use, but I think I’m going to cut the flag off this year and sew it onto a shirt for next year like a patch.  We’ll see.)

And now the guys are trying to nap because they are trying to convince me they can stay up until 10 to watch the fireworks.  (These are the guys that can barely take the mini-fireworks displays at the Sounders games.) And that’s where the day could get really interesting.  I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing you have a lovely 4th.  I’ll let you know how the rest of our day goes…..

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