Maybe I should just camp out now

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I have had an unhealthy obsession with Target since I was a small child and my sister and I would roam the candy, toy and book aisles late at night on weekend trips from Vancouver to Bellingham.  Back then it just seemed like the most heavenly store in the world-Target had EVERYTHING!  I can still easily spend an hour there just shopping for nothing.

And now the pearly gates are opening in downtown Seattle on July 29th, just steps away from the market, library, Art Museum and restaurants that we love.  I wonder what parking there is going to be like?  And I wonder how late they’re going to be open?  And will they have those funny cart only ramps?  (Does anyone else out there find watching the carts on their own escalator a little hilarious?  Or maybe that’s just me.) I’m so excited to have a Target so close.  (When you open, Seattle Tarjay, my credit card will show you some serious welcome to the city love;) x0x0)

(PPS. an update: Target Seattle’s Twitter Feed says the store will be open from monday-Saturday 7am-9pm and Sunday 8am-9pm when it opens.  The first hour of parking will be free with a 20 dollar purchase.)

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