Five toys that almost made it to the 4th birthday

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Someone recently asked about good toys for a one year old.  I’m all about value with toys, so here are five toys that have lasted nearly 3 years in our house:

Vtech Sit-to Stand Alphabet Train: all boys seem to love trains and when they got this for their first birthday it was an instant hit.  They still have fun racing the caboose and engine against each other around the house.  I’m only getting rid of this now because they are starting to hit dangerous speeds.

Red and Yellow cars:  These were definitely favorites for a long time.  We love that the ones we had were the classic ones without the eyeballs.  They even had the gas pump accessory so they could full on make believe they were doing long-drives.  The boys also loved playing with the fire engine version at community centers.

Wheely bugs: I bought the little ones because my guys were pretty teeny and a friend bought the big ones because her kids were bigger.  But now that my guys have kind of outgrown the little bugs, they still pull their legs up and wheel around and I do wish I could splurge and buy the big ones too.

Yellow Bus climber: I bought this toy too late-I think they were 2.5 years old and wish I’d found it earlier. The boys still love it for their fort-building and would have loved it at age one.

Fisher Price Little People:  I’m still tempted to buy these when I see them in consignment stores.  I love how these types of toys foster creativity and I know I’m going to miss the teensy high voices the guys use when they make them talk.

In hindsight I never would have thought any of these things would have lasted so long.  If you think about their cost and the amount that they actually get used, they become virtually pennies a day over time and often can be re-sold.  I have a feeling that the toys and things we buy over the next couple years aren’t going to have the same staying power.  (Four-year olds can be so fickle!)

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