Call me baby and other things you see in windows while you sightsee

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When I travel, I wish I could just bundle up all the cute little shop windows I love and bring them back home.  I feel like you get to know so much about a city when you see what the people who actually live in it advertise and buy.  When I traveled to Paris a few weeks ago, it was such a quick trip, but without the boys in tow I saw some fabulous things in store windows and had plenty time to snap a few shots so I could remember them and swoon over them when I got home.

I think this phone would be so cool for the toddler/preschool set.  It’s called the Iwoody, but I think “Call me, Baby” would be a little more appropriate.  This shop was closed when we strolled by or I definitely would have gone in and made a purchase.

I was too scared to actually set foot in this shop.  I wasn’t sure what exactly they were selling:

This was in the window of a restaurant/cafe called Milk.  We had just eaten, so I couldn’t imagine eating another mouthful more but I do want to go there on a return trip.  I love the thoughtful details the owners put into all the decor.

I was intrigued by this bike hanging in the window of a bike shop.  It’s one of those toddler balance bikes but it had handbrakes which I haven’t seen on any balance bikes here in the United States.

And I wish we could get cheese like this here too.  Delightful, beautiful, cone-shaped cheese.  I have no idea if this one even tastes good or how much it is or what you eat it with but I would love to try it and I totally forgot to sample it when I was there.  And now in my head it is the epitome of the most-amazing-delicious-blow-your-mind Parisian cheese out there.

Thank goodness I have the pictures to remember it by.  Must go back.  C’est la vie.

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  1. I love your memory of the cheese. I do that all the time. Things that were probably terrible become the epitome of greatness because I never got around to trying them. You probably just made it worse by bringing home a picture of it. Guess you’ll have to go back.

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