Some things aren’t meant to be bought on ebay

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I saw these frog balloons in a Chasing Firefly’s catalog and decided we had to have them but the 14 dollar price tag for one balloon sans helium seemed a little spendy.

And then I found them on ebay.  Not just the frog, but a whole conglomerate of 10 balloons with a ‘buy now’ price of 12 dollars.  My speedy fingers pressed ‘buy’.  I should have known better than to be surprised when they came a little stuffed, worn and crinkled in a USPS mailer.  My rose-colored glasses blinded me to the flimsiness.

“Where did you say you got this again?”  The man at my undisclosed balloon-filler-up-place asked as he tried to fill the second balloon I handed him from my stash.  The first was already decimated on the floor.  Its opening was no match for the helium machine.

“Oh a friend.  I’m not sure where uh, she, uh got them.” And I started to sweat.

“I’ve never seen anything like these-they don’t seem to want to open.”

Balloon Knock-offs.  I’d been had.

“And I’m not charging you for this one, it doesn’t even fly.”

Red-faced I collected my frog and left.

Lesson learned.

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