When the little guy is so much friendlier than the big guy (Yay Alpine Hut!)

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  • August 7, 2012
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A couple weeks ago the grandparents decided to get the guys their big boy bikes as an early birthday present.  The guys were outgrowing their no-pedal balance bikes and this seemed like the natural step.  But big boy bikes are so big!  I imagined little 12inch ones, but those are typically for 2-year olds.  Apparently my guys hit 4 out of nowhere.  (Where did my babies go?)

Alpine Hut was the first stop on our bike shopping trip because my dad remembered the name from Seattle trips years ago.  The salesguys there were super friendly, listened to all our questions and helped us pick some awesome bikes.  But they were only our first stop, so us seasoned shoppers still had to see what was out there.  We headed to a big box outdoor store because we thought we might get some additional help.  We waited.  And waited. And waited.  After too much time waiting for a salesperson who told us they don’t really know about bikes, we called Alpine Hut as we left the parking lot and they started putting our bikes together so they’d be ready when we arrived. Seriously, super-friendly, right?

And now the hubby( and I- yes me too please!) want a bike too.  Any guesses where we’ll be heading? Hello, Alpine Hut, thank you very much.  (FYI: Apparently they have some kind of really great warranty too.  Ask the hubby about this, not me.  I am not an outdoor fiend.  I just want a bike because it’s a new type of accessory for our activities and if I can get a pink one, all the better.)

(PS the boys have had their bikes for a little over a month now and I tremble in fear every time we go riding.  We have hit bushes, fallen into ditches and bashed into walls….just when I got over my fear of playgrounds, the boys have gotten into something gorier.  I now buy band-aids in bulk.)

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