Sloth Sanctuary (Cahuita, Costa Rica)

visiting the sloth sanctuary where you can see sloths with kids in costa rica
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Trip planning is a joint decision in this household and one my husband and I make together.  When I first started  my “I want to visit Costa Rica” trip campaign to the hubby I reminded him of how wonderful a time we had when we went pre-kids and I told him that it would be good for the boys to see nature and hike through the jungles.  The real event that got this idea percolating though was a sloth picture I saw on pinterest that led me to the Sloth Sanctuary.  And then all I could think of was sloth sloth sloth sloth sloth and how I needed to get there ASAP.

sloth sanctuary in costa rica with kids
And that is pretty much what the Sloth Sanctuary is: for around 35 us dollars a grown up (kids under 4 were free) the sanctuary has 2-hour tours that start every hour from 9am till 2pm.  You do a boat tour to see the property. You see a cute video about sloths.  You get to see some really cute babies.

where to see sloths in costa rica with kids

where to see sloths in costa rica with kids

sloth sanctuary in costa rica with kids

visiting sloths in costa rica with kids

And it seemed so amazing and adorable that I forgot that all these sloths had gone through incredible trauma until I left.  For all its cuteness I wish this place highlighted a little more of the perils that the sloths have gone through and what they still need to overcome and what people can do to help. The babies we watched climbing will likely never be able to go back into the wild and I’m curious where the hundreds of rescued babies will go when they grow up.  Will they be released and tracked in the wild? Is this happening already or is it a possibility in the future? What is going to happen to all these sloths?

family travel costa rica

I wish I had asked these questions and I’m not really sure where to find the answers now that I’m home. But big questions aside there is no question that the work at the Sloth Sanctuary is amazing and the boys definitely learned a lot about sloths and other animals.  And I think their work is inspiring others: we saw many more animal rescue places being advertised than we saw the last time we came.  Hopefully the boys and I can remember some of what we learned at this place and figure out ways to green up, be kind to animals and be more environmental in our own home.

sloth sanctuary in cahuita

(ps nearby Cahuita is a gorgeous place to stay.  There are pristine beaches, yummy Caribbean-influenced food and beautiful wildlife-one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.)

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