Things you find on etsy when searching for a Hallowe’en costume

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Yes, school hasn’t started yet and it’s WAY too early to think of Hallowe’en, but one of the boys has decided he MUST have a sloth costume. (Thank you Toucan Rescue Ranch visit and probably my crazy see-something, want-something, genes.)  Anyways, I thought if I researched early enough, I might either a) find a costume somewhere that looks like a sloth or b) find someone who could make one on etsy.

I did not find a sloth costume, but I did find a couple awesome things:

Like you can buy a really cool goggle pattern.

I was “Amelia Earhart” for a school project way back in my grade school days and I totally would have been all over this!  (I still am a little tempted to convince the guys we need to be pilots just so I can buy and try to make them!)

This little chick costume is priceless!

And I’ve never ever seen animal jewelry for eyelashes;

I’m a little creeped out by putting things on my eyes, but I do think this is very creative, but I think more for Hallowe’en than to wear to work.

And I think my best hope is something like this LemonBrat store.  They make vests that adults can where for cosplay(yes, I had to wikipedia it too.) but I saw a cool owl vest and I’m thinking of emailing them about the potential for a child-sized sloth.

And I found this site that also can make most kids’ animal costumes too, so I think there is a little hope.  I can totally see this is now becoming a crazy mission and I’m glad I’m starting early.  Anyone have any sloth costume ideas????

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