How to make a Terrarium with Kids


September 26, 2012 by admin

A few nights ago, the hubby and I miraculously found ourselves in West Elm for a shopping trip without the kids.  We found these cute little cacti (for 99 cents each, thank you very much!) and a lovely glass bowl and I got the brilliant idea that he needed a terrarium for his desk at work.

Cacti for a terrarium

Now even though these were very prickly cacti (I got a quill stuck in my finger IN the store.) I thought the kids could help me make the terrarium.

I think the danger-element was definitely one reason they were coerced into this gardening task.  The other reason was because I let them use the diggers.

Once they filled the bottom with rocks, they went to work digging up dirt from the garden to cover it up.  They used many different techniques.

Making a terrarium with kids and diggersMaking a terrarium with kids and diggers

I had to intervene when they thought they should cover the cacti with dirt to prevent anyone from getting prickled.  But everyone stayed injury-free.

And I borrowed some of their toys to decorate.  At first I had a cow where the dinosaurs were, but it seemed a little to tame.

Making a terrarium with kids

Now it’s up to the hubby to keep it alive……


  1. fran says:

    What a great idea! It inspires me to work on my little succulent planter. I’ll have to think of some interesting additions, similar to the boys’ dinosaurs.

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