Haunting Season and a recipe for Candy Corn

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October 17, 2012 by admin

Last year we were super sad we were away for Halloween, so this year we are savoring every little ghosty moment we can.  We can’t get enough of Ghosts in the House,

a book we picked up at Powells Books on the weekend.  It has such a cute story that I’m so glad my guys still love the sweet parts of Halloween.  (I’m not sure what I’m going to do when they get into all the blood, guts and gore….)

We’re making these rocks into ghosts when they dry by accessorizing them with googly eyes.

I also have a ghostly plan for these little cups.

We are also in love with everything candy corn.  I think it’s everywhere this year.  The hubby was away and I found and devoured the stash of candy corn flavored m and m’s I bought in Vegas (he hid it in a high cupboard, but I’m stealthy!) 

They were so delicious, I decided I wanted to make these candy corn balls made by CakeSpy.  Alas, I had no candy corn (or anymore m and m’s for that matter.)  And thanks to the interwebs,  I found a recipe.  This recipe just needs marshmallows and powdered sugar.

It’s very sticky.

And messy.

But the results are kind of cute.

But they do taste more like fondant though than candy corn, so I think I’m going to file this recipe as a fun edible candy dough.  (It would make amazing candy snowman for Christmas!  Or ghosts for that matter.)  And when I actually make the real candy corn popcorn balls, I’ll let you know how that goes.  Happy Halloweening!

(PS. please let me know if you see any fabulous ghost, candy corn or pumpkin crafts!  We still have a couple weeks to go before the big day and I’m running out of ideas!

PPS I think I got the candy corn colors in the wrong order.  Candy corn fiends: does this matter?  Just curious.)

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