Pumpkin baking

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We have pumpkin overload in our house, but the boys adore everything pumpkin.  They were very proud of these crafts they made at school and they can’t wait to finish decorating the house with all the other pumpkin and ghost things they’ve made in the past few weeks.

They always love our favorite pumpkin loaf, but I might have scored more mother of the year points with them with this recipe I found for pumpkin whoopie pies.  (The boys loved the Whoopie Pie desserts from Dahlia Lounge and this is as close as I could get to recreating them at home.)

The recipe is so easy, I whipped it up in a couple minutes, and the cookie part only takes about 10 minutes to bake.  (The only thing you need to remember is to make sure to make them about the size of a quarter and not too high when you bake them or the completed whoopie pies become ginormous.)  I also added a tablespoon or so of maple syrup into the cream cheese mixture to make the filling taste maple-y.  The guys can’t get enough of these whoopie pies.

With the leftover pumpkin (I was lazy and used canned), my recent issue of Sunset magazine came with a recipe for pumpkin apple pancakes.  The guys don’t like chunky things so I used about a half cup of applesauce instead of the whole apple.  They turned out delicious and we ate them with vanilla yogurt and maple syrup.  (Yes, creme fraiche or whip cream would also be divine, but the yogurt is a little healthier.)

Happy Baking!  Anyone else have any yummy pumpkin recipes.  It’s technically a vegetable right?

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  1. Aaaah, these are so pretty! I want to come to your house to eat– The Mister hates pumpkin anything so I’ve been getting my entire fall fix at Starbucks. *Not* the same as those amazing looking whoopie pies.

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