Sharks out of Water

Rain in Seattle on Halloween
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This year the guys are getting a lot of use out of their costumes and it’s not even Halloween yet.  The sharks checked out a sneak peek of the Woodland Park Zoo’s Wildlights, something we totally want to do this winter!

They also trick or treated the Seattle Waterfront.  (This pic was taken right after the sleeping sharks were woken up from nap.)

And checked out the Seattle Aquarium,

where we watched the underwater pumpkin carving.

and saw some amazing carvings of JP Patches and some sweet river otters.

We peeked at the sea otters who were quite curious about the sharks who came to visit.

And these little fish are lucky that this shark is just a sweet little boy.









All this and It’s not even the big day.  I can’t wait to see how much fun they have tomorrow!  I love that at 4 years old, Halloween is still a sweet holiday.  I was warned by a parent of some older guys that it starts getting gory soon.  (Ugh!!!!  Someone please tell me that’s not true!)

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