Something cuddly and something not so cuddly in Richmond BC

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If you are into Once upon a Time apparently this building is a big deal for you and you might want to visit Steveston to go and see it.  Steveston is a little water village part of Richmond BC where they do a lot of movie filming.


For me, I heart this lovely place near Vancouver, BC Canada even more now because my new dog-nephew lives there.


Can you get enough of this puppy adoreable-ness?
He’s a Brittany Spaniel and he’s oh so cute.

Britney Spaniel baby dog picture

My boys want a dog so badly now that they’ve met the sweetest puppy in the universe.  (Tied only with my parents’ puppy who they also love dearly)

Baby Brittany dog picture

So what did I do?  I took them to the Steveston Fish Market where you walk down to the docks and you can buy fish off the backs of boats.

Steveston Fish Market with kids

Steveston Fish Market with kids in Richmond BC near Vancouver

Steveston Fish Market near Vancouver BC with kids

STeveston BC fish market with kids

And I bought the boys sardines.  Two bags of them.  Frozen of course.

“Can you cuddle sardines?”  the duo asked as we walked back from the market.  (They even sang their frozen pets songs.)

No silly boys, you can’t cuddle frozen sardines. That’s why we have other people’s puppies.  Can’t wait till I can visit again!

Baby Brittany Spaniel puppy

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