Homemade Snowglobes

big snowfall in snoqualmie pass 2016
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So everyone is making snowglobes apparently so I wanted to try and make them too.  I had visions of making little ballerina ones like a scene out of the Nutcracker (we’re going to see it next week and I’m a little worried the guys might find the mice part scary so I’m playing up the pretty ballerinas).  I picked up some really pretty glitter at Party Display and Costume in Seattle.


I also stopped at Archie Mcphee’s to look for mini nutcrackers and ballerinas.  Surprisingly they had none!  But they had narwhales, hockey players, mini santas and everything else you can imagine.  If you’ve never been to Archie McPhee’s it’s difficult to describe except for that it has buckets of stuff you don’t need but feel compelled to buy the minute you walk through the door.  Within seconds of being in the store I picked up a pair of giant googly eyes and couldn’t put them back down because once I saw them I couldn’t imagine life without them.  See?


Of course Martha has a snowglobe tutorial, but we started the project at night and I didn’t really feel like cleaning up a paint disaster painting the lids.  I like this picture snowglobe tutorial if you want to figure out how to laminate your own pictures and put them in your globe.  And I liked that this one had the cutest way of doing photos AND explained what glycerin was used for when you are not making snowglobes.  But really, how hard can making a jar of water, glitter and a toy be?


I could not find my glue gun for the life of me, so I just used some liquid stitch that I bought to make the boys costumes one year and I knew it was waterproof.  So I think any kind of waterproof glue will do.  We glued the little hockey player and narwhale to the inside lid of an empty jar.  (Those labels are so sticky!! I had to use a bunch of goo gone to get all of the yucky goo off!)  Then we went to bed.


First thing this morning the guys checked if the glue was dry.  (It was.)  We got out our awesome science-y beaker measuring tools (Thanks Oxo!) then we poured the water in the jars.  We added somewhere between 10-15 ml of glycerin.  (I found this at Whole Foods in Seattle in the cosmetic section and I know it was on Amazon Fresh last week but now it’s out because we’re ALL making snowglobes to ward off rain.)


And then voila.
Pretty glittery globes.


I still like my real one.


But these are easier to replace.


Happy crafting!

(PS if you are looking for ballerinas, I know you can almost definitely get them at Trophy cupcakes. Then you can have cupcakes AND snowglobes….

PPS. I received the OXO beakers as part of the OXO Blogger Outreach program, but I wasn’t required to blog about them and the opinions here are my own.

PPS.  I’ve just been informed that someone in Seattle has actually one-upped Snowglobes! (Thanks H!)  We have RAIN-GLOBES here and they look AWESOME!!!!)

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  1. what type of glitter did you use. I have bought a few types, however, it won’t sink to the bottom of the snow globe ;(.

    1. Hi Tina! I’m not sure the exact type of glitter but it was clear and iridescent. Did you use glycerin? I think that helped:)

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