Five books that will make your kids want to go to Australia

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Thanks to some lovely friends, Australia is now on our radar for a future trip and they even sent us some books to help us get excited.  Wouldn’t you know that reading about a place is our best way to get our kids prepped for a trip especially when a country is so different from our own and Australia is definitely one of the most unique places I’ve ever heard about.  I’m so excited about all the new animals I’m learning about in these books, and I love how some of the books highlight some of the delectable treats I can’t wait to sample when we head across the big pond.

Possum Magic is my favorite of the lot.  We love Mem Fox’s Green Sheep book and this one is just as magical.  It talks about some really cute Australian animals and Vegemite (my husband lived in Australia for a year and still raves about this stuff!) gets a little spotlight.

Books about Australia for kids to read before a trip

This book by Paul Dallimore is neat because it’s a unique rendition of the Three Little Pigs.  I love the creative things they build their houses out of and it’s worth reading just to hear the word ‘dingrel.’

books about australia for kids

These next two books are part of a bigger series of Possum Creek Books.  The boys love the sing-songy rhymes and the interesting stories.  Of course they love the FIRE one best.  I love learning about all the Australian animals.

Books about Australia for kids to read before a trip


And this one: The Biggest Frog in Australia is just such a lovely tale.  And frogs are just supremely cool.  Especially big Australian ones that drink all the water in the world.

The biggest frog in Australia is a great book to read with kids before visiting

Happy Reading!  I hope you catch the Australian travel bug too.  I can’t wait to visit Australia one day!

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