Because this week Tuesday still feels like Monday so here are some thoughts

amazing seattle weather
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Yesterday we woke up to sunshine streaming in all the windows and a record seven birds were holding onto our bird feeder for dear life while they guzzled down a twenty dollar bag of birdseed like it actually might turn wintertime over here.  They also took down the 12th man flag, so I’m wondering if I should keep filling the feeder for birds that might be cheering for a different team.

Seattle 12s
And while the east coast was supposed to experience an epic stop-everything-in-the-city-clear-the -shelves blizzard all we seem to be getting this year is the opposite of the wet-grey-frozen-to-the-bone-liquid-weather we usually get. And though it’s spectacular, it’s really weird to be wearing t-shirts in Seattle in January.

We started yesterday with fairy bread to celebrate the friends we love in Australia.
I love yummy Australian treats like Tim Tams and Milo and we recently found the Australian pie store called Peaked Pies at Whistler that is absolutely amazing. They even had the Lamington cakes that we read about in our favorite Australian kid’s books so we tried those too!

Australian Foods near VancouverAustralian Foods in North America
But we will probably have to head back to Whistler if we want to ski at all this year; our local mountains are in desperate need of snow and while I was so proud of my fellow Pacific Northwesters for being so brave and inspiring by skiing over brown slush and rocks the other day like it was nothing, it’s a little bare for me.

Snoqualmie Pass with no sno
And up in Snoqualmie, our cabin project is going well and I’m in love with the window wall. The bathtub has gone in and we are doing the unromantic plumbing parts but I am currently obsessed with looking for black lights with gold inside just like this one.  Please let me know if you have any leads.

the inside of the cabin project

And the past few weeks were consumed by getting things ready for my sister’s shower which was lovely and now that we celebrated, I’ll share some details soon!  It was a sheep and stars themed shower because her babies are coming in the year of the sheep (not the year of the goat. Year of the sheep sounds so much better) and I’m so excited for my niece and nephew to arrive!

sheep themed shower year of the sheep theme for baby shower

So happy Monday on a Tuesday while I get my act together and get this week started.  I’m also reluctantly trying to get football ready for the weekend because the rest of my family is all Seahawks all the time.

my guys in their junkfood seahawks shirtstrying to get a selfie in my seahawks gear

I finally splurged and got myself some team spirit with this headwrap from a local company called Harts and Pearls so maybe that will help!

(PS.  Are you a die-hard Seahawks fan or bandwagon like me?  And are you excited about the weekend’s game?  Is there any goodluck Seahawks food I need to find or make?)


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