Lovely Place to Pack a Lunch (Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle WA)

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Okay, in a perfect world we might have been nibbling on something a bit different, but today it was the guys’ choice and Big M won.  I always dream about the day I can discuss art over cappuccinos with my kids-today we talked about waves while eating nuggets at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Picnic lunch at Olympic Sculpture Park   Olympic sculpture park with kids in seattle

I can’t believe how empty this place is despite it having no admission fee.  They even have a great play/art area for kids and I love how they’ve put the it in a smaller confined area.  I just wish their coffee shop was open year round, or even if it could just pop up on sparkly days like today.  It would have been nice just to stop in and eat something there rather than bringing in our own picnic.

Olympic sculpture park seattlePlaying at the olympic sculpture park in Seattle

We savored the sunshine and I loved we all appreciated how beautiful this play space was.  I think kids and grownups are both more content in beautiful places to play.


And we didn’t waste a drop of the beautiful weather.

(PS this lovely place is one of my 5 fun and free list in my guest post for The world is a book-one of my favorite family travel blogs to read-Have you been to the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle?)
(PPS. The art here changes every so often-the waves are no longer on the wall but you its always fun to see what pops up next.)

4 thoughts on “Lovely Place to Pack a Lunch (Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle WA)

  1. I love how something wonderful like this for the kids is free in Seattle. The way the light comes in on the wave mural is awesome! Thanks again for the fantastic guest post and the shout out here. I can’t wait to check them out on our next visit.

    1. Us locals love this city, but on chilly foggy days like today, I think all of us are booking trips to warm places-hence the huge number of travel bloggers;)

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