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holding sloth in Costa Rica wearing bug-proof shirt
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I’m not sure why, but bug-proof clothing is one search I get a lot on this site, and as someone who puffs up into one giant mosquito welt if I get bitten, I thought I better share some of my real faves:

I love this shirt. That might even be an understatement.  If I hear the slightest buzz of a mosquito in the room, I slip it under my pillow to ward of the horrible little beasts.


The husband joked that I wore it daily in Costa Rica and I probably did, I felt so protected wearing it.  I’m definitely investing one like this button down one for our next adventures or at least getting another of my fave in a different color and I’m so glad Exofficio is such a great local company too!

I also bought this hat because I read that it has mosquito proof elements.  I never worried about my head and face area until I got a horrible bite in the middle of my forehead when we went on a Hawaiian farm tour (and that was pre-hat.)

And these were expensive but I feel better with the guys having bug protection too.  We didn’t need to bug spray them with these shirts on and they didn’t get bitten.  We got them pants too.


And while full body mosquito armor would be awesome in reality it’s not practical for most of our travel or daily life.  I’ve been using California Baby spray for Northwest camping and when I’m in more jungle-y areas I use more industrial stuff.

Anyone else have good mosquito solutions?  I know you’re out there.

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