Leodas Kitchen and Pie Shop (Lahaina, Maui)

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Maybe this should be called the day I wanted pie so badly I talked up the petroglyphs behind the pie store to get it. (Thank goodness for these petroglyphs!) We passed Leoda’s on the way to Lahaina from Kihei and I saw people lined up outside as we whizzed by to another destination so I looked it up and it sounded really yummy! I do love a good pie store and I was intrigued because I also love Aloha Mixed Plate (part of the same restaurant group) and I really wanted to try Star Noodle. (At this point I also really wished I had been keeping up with Top Chef Seattle because I found out that a chef from all these restaurants was on this show!)

We managed to find ourselves back in the area one afternoon because I convinced the hubby of the historical value of Olawalu and the guys had fallen asleep so I popped into the pie store for some sweets before we checked out the rock carvings. The dessert cart was pretty empty by this time but I was told that the chocolate mac nut pie was pretty popular. I grabbed a coffee and the pie and the hubby and I decided to explore the petroglyphs I read about. We took turns checking them out and they were definitely cool and they weren’t that difficult to find.

P1100442 P1100444


We then drove to Launiupoko Wayside Park where the boys woke up and we shared the yummy pie.  The pic of me smiling was taken minutes before Leelee decided to walk into the table and bashed his nose and I thought we’d have to go to the hospital.



Next time we come, we’ll definitely check this park out a little more.  Apparently it has a protected wading pool area for the kids so it might be a fun place to swim! ( And now we know where to get a picnic. I really want to try the fried salad at Leoda’s next time.)

(PS. Curious if anyone has ever been injured on their holidays and how you deal with that kind of thing.  The hypochondriac in me started to think we need to make a hospital/emergency list for next time we travel just in case.)

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