Eating fish while watching fish (Downtown Denver Aquarium, Colorado)


May 10, 2013 by Terumi

Usually this kind of thing would freak me out.  Eating fish, while watching fish.  (Eeew!  Totally morbid!)  But, I’m the one who made the reservation because I so badly wanted to go to the aquarium in Denver last year when we were there for a family wedding and this was the only way we were going to have time to see any of it.


Of course it was gimicky, but very fun.  There was a definite effort to include some kind of kitchsy sea creature/ocean/nautical theme at any and every opportunity from the schools of fish lights to the sea horse salt shakers.

Denver with kids

The boys absolutely loved sitting in front of the big aquarium windows.  (PS. the website says that the floor-to-ceiling windows in the aquarium “allows exceptional viewing from all tables” but the tables were stacked three deep and if you have kids, I think you’ll want to sit right next to the windows or it might get frustrating.)

Denver with kids for a quick tripDenver with kids

Thankfully we were next to the windows.  We had a lovely meal.


I even played with my olloclip fish-eye attachment for my phone.


I think I ordered chicken in support of all the fish.  But I definitely couldn’t resist dessert.   Perhaps I’ll get to see the rest of the aquarium the next time we visit Denver but this was pretty fun!


  1. we’re heading to Denver this summer. Thanks for the idea.

  2. andrea says:

    We have a big aquarium in Atlanta with a room like that, but no restaurant there! I have been for a private party before though, and you eat in front of the big wall of fish, and it is cool to watch them – but I don’t think we ate fish 🙂

    • Terumi says:

      Hey Andrea, I totally didn’t realize you were in Atlanta! We just went there last week:) That aquarium is HUGE!

  3. We ate at a restaurant at Atlantis in the Bahamas that had an aquarium as well. Lots of fun but it definitely does feel a little odd to be eating fish at the same time as you are being entertained by fish! 🙂

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