Thank you Martha

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There are some days when you get that type of epiphany where you know you’ve learned something that you’re going to keep with you forever.  Today that magic came from goddess Martha.  Thank you for the One-Pan Pasta recipe I found in your latest magazine.  (The one I have that’s covered in drool because the peaches on the front look so yummy…..)

One pan pasta

This is a pasta dish so easy you don’t have to boil the pasta in a separate pot and make a sauce in a separate pot.  It literally takes place all in one pan. So it’s only one thing to wash. ONE THING! I even found this lovely pasta this morning at Delaurenti‘s in the market to make the dish even more special.


These noodles are way longer than anything I’ve ever seen except for the GIGANTIC noodles they also sell there that come in a box about the size of my leg for over 60 dollars.

One pan pasta
And I actually didn’t even have the recipe-it’s not in the magazine, just on the website.  I just tried to make things look like the picture on page 100.  And even then I didn’t have all the same ingredients.  So even with substitutions (my basil plant died so all I had was parsley), and additions (I thought adding chickpeas might prevent me from devouring too much pasta) and water guessing this turned out with a saucy mixture on el dente noodles.  So it’s fool-proof.

I wish I had this recipe epiphany way back when my guys were babies.  This should seriously be called twin-momma saver pasta. (And now all the double mommas out there are going to tell me you’ve been making this for years……well for me, it was novel.  Feel free to share your versions below.)


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