Went to Costco for contact solution and gas….

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and somehow spent hundreds of dollars.

Isn’t this how it always goes?  We haven’t been in ages and I actually hope the hubby isn’t reading this didn’t even buy anything that we actually need.


My bestie told me about these awesome lip balms from EOS and I bought I think for 4 dollars and lost it already so I thought this 5 pack for 10 bucks was a pretty good deal.  (I also thought it might make a fun giveaway in a spa-themed goodie bag.  Something healthy and usable and not too expensive.)

What you buy when you go to costco

I bought this giant container of salt because I couldn’t leave without it.  Does anyone know how it compares to so called gourmet salt?  It was just over 3 dollars and I couldn’t help myself because it was so gargantuan.  I had friends visiting a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t find my little shaker for the life of me, so I think I won’t be without salt for a while.

What you buy when you go to costco

But the thing that I’m most excited about? (don’t worry I’m not going to list everything in my cart.)  Tom Douglas gift certificates.  You get 100 dollars for 80 dollars to use at any of his restaurants and I’m going to tell the hubby it’s for our weekly wine and cheese because the hubby stops at Tom Douglas’ Dahlia Bakery after work and picks up a loaf of bread (the potato bread at Dahlia Bakery is the best in Seattle) and sometimes some yummy desserts and I buy cheese and fruit from the market and we open a bottle of wine after the duo goes to sleep.  It’s like a little vacation at home.

Except this week, I bought it for a discount at Costco.

(PS. Did I mention I was there with the duo?  This is where whim shopping and frantic grabbing is a perfect storm for a cart that could set you back that thousands.

PPS. In all that whirlwind of sample-finding and cart-filling I totally forgot the gas.

PPPS please feel free to entice me with your favorite Costco purchases below.  Obviously I   do love a good whim purchase.)

4 thoughts on “Went to Costco for contact solution and gas….

  1. The story of my life!!! Costco is like the hundred dollar store. Go in there with intentions to buy just milk and I end up loading everything in that is “on sale” and the bill slowly creeps up to $100.

    Favourite Costco purchases – Crocs for kids, socks for my husband and the exact same salt grinder you ended up purchasing. I have salt AND pepper and they both have lasted over a year. I’m not sure if that is good or not. But it’s so cheap, how could you NOT buy it?!

  2. Wine! And Beer! Oh, and pretzel rolls (I freeze them so they’re always ready and fresh on demand)! Goldfish – the big ol’ box! Of course, I always end up seeing at least five things that I’ve never had/tried before and I end up convincing myself that I need them… Sigh… I need to go to Costco.

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