Best membership for Seattle Families for Summer

great membership deal at seattle aquarium with kids
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Seattle has so many great places to be a member of, especially if you have kids, but my absolute favorite membership in the summer goes to the Seattle Aquarium because of their amazing perks.  Every Sunday in the summer they open their doors at 9am for members instead of the usual 9:30.  This meant that a couple weeks ago, we were practically the only people in the aquarium for half an hour.  This was enough time to enjoy the touch pool all by ourselves.

touchpool at seattle aquarium with kids touchpool at Seattle aquarium in the summer    .

See all our favorite fish.

seattle aquarium with kids

And take in a show at the new harbor seal exhibit.

visiting the seals at the seattle aquarium with kidsseattle aquarium with kids

By 10am, when the crowds started arriving, the kids were enjoying their free hot chocolates (yes, they even give the kids free beverages!) and we were off and ready to run the rest of our errands that day.  (Which went quite smoothly, I might add because the kids had already had a chance for some fun so early in the day!)

free hot chocolate for kids with membership at seattle aquarium some weekends

I absolutely love our Sundays at the aquarium and for just under 100 dollars for a family for a membership for a full year, I don’t think you can get a better price for entertainment like this anywhere else.  Kudos to the Seattle Aquarium for being so member-friendly!
(PS. special shout outs for great memberships also go to the Woodland Park Zoo , Pacific Science Center, SAM and Kidsquest Museum for their reciprocal memberships that work at other museums and science centers across the country.  These memberships have saved us TONS while traveling and have shown us places we might not have seen otherwise because we knew we could just ‘pop’ in and see it for a discount or for free.)

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