10 or so photos I’m savoring this Monday

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The past week flew by in a blur of happiness, holidays, friends and food.  We went camping at Alice Lake (such a family friendly place to camp!) with lovely friends I’ve known since we were kids (and all our kids too!) for Canada Day.  And I love all the sweet photos and memories I now have of all of us adventuring in the wilderness.

Camping at Alice Lake photo(1146)
We finally made it back to Maneki Restaurant for the first time in 5 years.  (We made a reservation and as we waited for our turn I noticed a huge line at the unmarked Tsushinbo restaurant a block away which is now on my “need to go” list.)

Maneki restaurant in Seattle before a sounders game with kids
I love how excited the guys get about soccer games and this is my really proud scarf holder at the Sounder’s game.


And here’s my other little guy proudly flying the flag he made.


The 4th was spent with my sis and Uncle Roo just hanging out and flying kites at Myrtle Edwards Park.


And trying sparklers for our first time.


Then this past weekend I tried my hand at making pretzels.  (Apparently it is a little dangerous which made the whole cooking part so much more exciting!  See the gloves!!  There is lye used in the real process and I had so much fun at my class at Pantry Delancey with lovely pretzel guru Andrea Slonecker.  I totally can’t wait to try this at home.)


We saw the scuba divers cleaning the tank at the early member morning at the Seattle Aquarium.  I’ve really loved our visits to the Seattle Aquarium lately.

Then we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Wooden Boat festival. (I love this festival and all things at Center for Wooden Boats and Mohai!)


But we left before anyone got too soaked and not before I got a bunch of fun photos.


I can’t believe the weather forecast looks sunny for at least the next week!  I hope you had a lovely weekend too!

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