Best Sign Ever At the Vancouver Aquarium and an idea

  • Terumi
  • July 7, 2013
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The other day a sign made my day.  Actually it was this row of “out of order” signs on all the penny squishing machines at the Vancouver Aquarium last week.  Out of order.  Out of order.  Out of order.

Out of order sign at the aquarium on penny press machines.  Where do you get pennies in Vancouver anymore?

My guys love these penny press machines and they are EVERYWHERE.  I have caved so often because they always seem like an inexpensive souvenir at the time and the kids usually fly to the machines at the end of an adventure and I just want to expedite leaving without tears.  I was ecstatic to see so many out of order signs, because it just burns me at the irony of having to have to put money in a machine to squish money to make my kids happy and my brilliant bestie had this idea that I should make out of order signs and just carry them in my purse.  I could even make them with themes:

Out of order sign

Of course these are the fabulous ideas you can actually chat about if you arrive around the aquarium opening and you have the kids’ area all to yourself.  With your back to the dolphins you and your bestie might almost think you are seventeen again as the kids entertain themselves happily in an empty playing space.  All is perfect until your 4-nearly-5 year old bosses exclaim it’s time to visit another exhibit.

Play area at the Vancouver Aquarium

C’est la vie.  I’m totally making Out Of Order signs even if only to stick them on myself in the afternoon while I make my coffee and re-charge.  ( S you are absolutely amazing.)

(PS. I wonder how phasing out the penny in Canada is going to affect those penny squisher machines….)

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