Photo Friday: Federal Reserve Atlanta

Mint in Atlanta
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This was one of the coolest places we went to in Atlanta but it was so hard to write up because we couldn’t take any pictures inside to show you how cool it was.  We couldn’t even bring anything with us.  When I checked in with the guys, I had to turn off my phone and lock everything up after we went through a metal detector and showed my Driver’s ID.  Even the guys realized this one was serious business.

Federal Reserve Atlanta with kids

There were lots of museum-esque displays that were a little too advanced for my 4-year-olds on this visit but that didn’t matter. We spent a lot of our time in a viewing room where we saw zippy robotic machines flitting around different stations and the guys had fun ‘reading’ the dollar amounts each one was carrying.  The little machines all had money banners that showed $5, $20 or $100 which are perfect numbers for the preschool set to identify.  The highest one we saw was $100.  The guys and I also thought it was neat seeing all the people in lab coats working with the machines and inspecting money.

After our visit, we received little bags of shredded up money that we sent home to ourselves through the mail because we didn’t want to bring them on the rest of our journey.  The guys thought the money bags were awesome and the whole trip made me realize how little real money my guys actually see since we do so many monetary transactions electronically now.  And I’m totally terrified of going into banks and about 5 minutes in I realized that the Federal Reserve was indeed a GINORMOUS bank of sorts but I still enjoyed our outing so I’m really happy we went.

PS. Did I tell you that this whole adventure was FREE???  It was our cheapest Atlanta adventure and one of our most memorable too.  Here are some of the other places we checked out in Atlanta and here are some of our favorite food memories from there too.

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