My Favorite Day in San Francisco (San Francisco with Kids part 2)

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We’ve traveled to so many places with our guys, but the one thing we’ve never been able to predict is how the day is going to go.  No matter how meticulously we plan our itineraries, or calculate naps and snacks, or seek the hotel with the best elevator/goldfish/wine hour it always blows our minds on days when everything just goes perfectly.  Maybe we’re starting to figure out the formula.  Or maybe we were just pretty lucky this time.


So although we were still clueless that this was shaping up to be our PERFECT day in San Francisco, we were pleased that we started the morning rested and satisfied with the free hot chocolates/coffees from the Hotel Monaco.  We headed off to Tartine.  I was so excited to try this bakery because I’ve been making its gingerbread recipe for Christmas for the past two years after I read this blog post on A Chow Life  and I knew that anything made there would be stunning.  Of course, like all cool things in San Francisco, we almost missed it because it doesn’t really have much signage.  But the guys and I managed to navigate the line, score a table and totally indulge.



We then headed to Four Barrel Coffee where the guys were mesmerized by the roasting.  The hubby and I actually got to pretend we were drinking coffee in.




And since it was still so early in the morning, we made it to the most famous crooked street in the world without much of a crowd and we drove down in our rental car with all the windows open.  I really wish we had a sunroof-make sure you get one if you want to make this day even more perfect.  But it was fun to zoom down the road instead of just standing at the top and the guys thought it was neat because it was all windy. (And yes, all the tours/guidebooks/people in the know will tell you that there is another more crooked street in San Francisco but that’s like the original Starbucks in Seattle that isn’t actually where the first Starbucks was originally opened.  Nobody is going to the other spot. Are they?)


Somehow we timed everything right and we arrived at the Exploratium for opening.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I actually just picked going there for its cool name, but it turned out that it actually was the COOLEST museum I’ve ever been to, even though it was probably also the most expensive one we’ve been to with the kids.  (Second Place goes to the New Children’s Museum San Diego for cool museums, not expense)  The guys loved the slinky treadmill


and a rope that would stand up by itself if you spun it the right way.


We knocked things off turntables.


And played with sparks.


We sent smoke signals.






And exited through a fog.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 6.55.29 AM

I could see us spending all day there if the guys were older.  I heard they have awesome night events for grown-ups.  Oh San Francisco is such a hip city.



Tcho chocolates is also right next door to the Exploratorium and I’ve seen their chocolates in Seattle, so we stopped there to recharge and grab some souvenirs.  There was a sample table where they gave you a choice of samples and you got to try one. (I say this with a little bit of Seattle pride: our chocolate factory is like an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET in comparison but the sample we received was really yummy.



Then off we went to the Ferry Building for lunch.  I wanted to eat EVERYTHING here, but we finally settled on this Japanese restaurant called Delica. Getting tables was a really difficult task but when we found one it was brilliant.  The guys were still entertained by the little trolleys that our hotel gave them.  We bought a few things at Miette bakery and Heath Ceramics.  I am in LOVE with this pottery now.



After all the shopping, touring and eating the hubby needed to bring us all back to a little bit of nature.


We drove to Crissy Field where we just hung out on the beach, played in the grass and got a few shots of the bridge.





We also stopped at a little park in Cow Hollow for the guys to get any last little bits of energy out too. There was a cute little trolley replica there that totally made their day.





Now this is the part the hubby might not agree was perfect, but I thought this was absolutely spectacular.  While the guys all went to Chipotle and back to the hotel for bed, I went out with a bunch of other sweet ladies to One Market for a dinner put on by Vivint as part of my conference.  The table decor was gorgeous and I’m still trying to recreate the yumminess of the grilled tomatoes on my entree.  I had a lovely evening chatting with some amazingly talented ladies and when I got back to the hotel, all the boys were asleep.  It was a totally perfect day!


(PS. I guess the only thing that would have made this day better was if I had thought ahead and booked one of the Tcho chocolate factory’s tours.  They are free but I think they’re booked out way in advance.  Thankfully we have our own amazing chocolate factory here in Seattle, that will tide me over until we visit again.  And while we’re on the subject of tours, I also need to visit the Heath Pottery Factory in Sausalito too.  I have a little thing for factory tours, especially when they make things I totally love.)

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  1. I think I just read all of your posts about San Francisco, they are so useful! We’re going in the summer with our two kids (they’ll be 4 and 6) and i am absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of things we want to do so your stories come really handy – thank you 🙂

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