Some Things old and Something new at Seattle Center

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When we stop by Seattle Center, we love exploring all the free art and sculptures.   On our last visit, we had some time left on the parking meter after we went to the Children’s Museum so we walked around for a little while.   I couldn’t believe I’ve never seen this flying pig before!


Bean took a picture of Leelee and I under the whale tale fountain.  We were both a little wary that it might magically turn on.  (Of course there was a bakery stop on this trip and there is no hiding it.  In my compostable container is some yummy pie from the Pie place at the Armory.)


Leelee took a picture of the Bean posing by a seahorse.  It’s neat that the boys are starting to figure out how to compose pictures and sometimes they boss me around and tell me where to stand too!


You might remember the toilet fountain we found a couple visits ago.  We didn’t visit this one this time.  But we did stop by the new Sonic Bloom exhibit nearby the Science Center.  Apparently these giant flowers collect solar power during the day so that the flowers light up at night.  They are whimsically Seuss-ish and I can’t wait to see them in the dark.  (I wonder how they’ll do on our super-rainy Seattle days?)


And I tried to get a jumping picture in front of the Seattle Mosaic, but I missed the top of the Space Needle.  This was so much fun, I know they’ll humor me the next time we come back.  It’s amazing how many beautiful installations there are at the Seattle Center-we may even have to get our Christmas pictures here!



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