Three airplane books and a cool shirt for a little world traveler

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We have a growing collection of awesome airplane books-we started this one when they were toddlers-and we recently found a few more.

All aboard Airplanes is a picture book definitely written for preschoolers or older kids.  My guys love it because it explains all different types of planes.  (I imagine planes of all sorts are going to be a big deal now that Disney’s Planes is out.)  I have a hard time reading this one because it’s like a mini plane encyclopedia, but I’m finding that if I don’t like the something the guys love it, so they’re totally all over this one.


The Little Airplane is a lot like Little Trains by the same author.  (We love Lois Lenski books!)  It is also more of an ‘explaining’ book but it does have a story so I like it.  I think the pictures are cute too.


On first glance Flight 123 looks like a baby book, but it really had me paying attention and thinking about the fonts and signs we see everyday.  (And when I searched it I found out about a horrific plane crash!) The simple counting story has witty illustrations to go with iconic airport signs, for example on the page about 3 check-in desks, there are 3 blue desks, 3 signs, 3 attendants all wearing red, 3 people checking into each counter, and 3 pieces of luggage.  And the author Maria van Lieshout chose Frutiger type for the book which was apparently first used at Charles de Gaulle Airport, but is now used in airports all over the world.

And what little airplane lover wouldn’t love a map shirt where they could think about all the places they could go.  I first saw this shirt on a little guy in one of our language classes last year but in short sleeves.  Apparently Crewcuts brought it back and I definitely popped this in my cart ASAP.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 11.50.44 PM

I wish this one came in size grown up!





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