An overdue visit to Grandma’s (Point Roberts, WA)

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There is nothing like a big wave of guilt that washes over you when you realize you should have done something ages ago.

“I don’t think I’ve been here in 10 years, Grandma” I say as I pull into the cabin driveway.

“10 years??!!! Shame on you!” My sweet grandma slaps me in the arm and pulls me in for a big hug.  It’s a good thing that grandmas are forgiving.  (At least mine is anyways.)

I’m so glad I finally made the journey.  My grandma’s cabin is in an area of Washington called Point Roberts near a beautiful beach and it’s such a special place-you even have to get to cross the border two times when you come from Seattle because it’s separated by a little piece of Canada so in my one day visit, I crossed 4 borders!  I love that it has a beautiful beach and the water always feels a little warmer here than anywhere in the northwest.  I was really lucky the day I brought the boys: My Auntie B and Uncle S and my parents came too so we had a really sweet family gathering.

Family time in point roberts


We had a lovely time hanging out and it was really amazing seeing the boys enjoy a place from my childhood.


And there are so many beautiful artsy touches at the cabin.  I loved seeing all the new things my grandma has added over the years and it’s neat that a place like Point Roberts has a special place in my heart.



And things I remember from long ago.



I know I painted one of these fish when I was little and it’s amazing how looking at something from your childhood brings back a rush of memories.  It makes me wonder about what things the boys make now will stay in my house forever.


Family time in POint Roberts

Family time in Point Roberts

I wish I’d taken more pictures and I wish I could have stayed longer, but I’m cherishing the fact that I finally made it back.   Ten years is too long away. I’ve promised that I’ll be back next summer for sure and thank goodness, I know these guys will hold me to it.

Point Roberts with kids

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