Singapore Shopping List (planning a family trip to Singapore)

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If you read my previous post, you know we’re headed to Japan very soon. We’re also heading to Singapore and it’s great that Tokyo is an easy stop over on a 17 hour airplane trip from Seattle. We’re really lucky that the hubby has family there and we’re just going there to hang out with them. So instead of looking up amazing sites my pre-reading and planning for a family trip to Singapore is more like a shopping list for what we love to eat. It goes more like this:

kaya toast


ice kachung

carrot cake (no not like what we get in the cafes at home)

Cold Milo

coffee buns

chicken rice

Mee Gorang

More Prata

A coffee I still dream about from Clark Quay in Singapore

And no Durian. Yes, you heard that right. The running joke is that I’ve never tried it. But I have. I’ve had it EVERY TIME we visited and loads of times at home. I still don’t get it but it’s always a food adventure. I just have never been smart enough to get a picture to PROVE I’ve eaten it. So we’ll see how this one goes.

The only site that we have on our list as a must do for our family trip to Singapore is a zoo tour we have scheduled and a breakfast with the orangutans. We love Singapore Zoo a lot and this year is its 40th birthday. The zoo has amazing animal enclosures and we always see something magical when we visit. Last time we spent a lot of time watching the jaguars.

Family trip to Singapore at the Singapore Zoo

It was also Halloween the last time we visited so it’s nice this time I didn’t have to pack along the costumes (especially because this year the guys want to be AIRPLANES!) We wore them when we rode the Singapore Eye.

homemade cat in the hat costumes for a family trip to Singapore

For our upcoming family trip to Singapore I’ve had some help from a lovely local blogger named Sakura Haruka and she has a great list of all the kid-friendly places in Singapore on her blog. The guys remember driving cars at one of the rooftop malls and want to revisit it and I love that she includes a lot of family friendly malls in her post too!

Family trip to Singapore

Little Day Out also has some neat ideas for family friendly Singapore but we’re just really looking forward to hanging out with family in their beautiful city.

And eating.

(I’ll let you know how that goes.)

Have you ever traveled to Singapore or Japan with kids?  I’d love to hear your tips!



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