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If I could be anywhere in the world right this instant, I’d be back in Clark Quay Singapore where a few months ago I had this drink while we waited in sweltering heat for our boat tour to arrive.

This yummy meal in a cup set me back at least 9 dollars and a million calories but it had a brilliant combination of azuki beans and chocolate chips-two flavors I dare Starbucks to put together-with a blended ice coffee drink and it was definitely memorable.  (As was the coffee stores weird name: TCC the connoisseur concerto???)
On a day like today, if this would miraculously appear, I would savor it in my Seattle living room in this Splendid Maxi Dress

or Spun Romper

(both majorly on sale, right now by the way), turn the heat to 75 and pretend it’s summer.  That would perfect.

The only rays we got today were at the Dentist.









But, no cavities.  Not bad for Day 4.

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