A cliff-hanger of a birthday in Vancouver (Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, BC)

family holiday activiites in vancouver at the capilano suspension bridge
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capilano suspension bridge with kids at christmas time

Maybe the story shouldn’t start with the cliffhanger.  But, I was oh so proud.  This is what everyone with a fear of heights should do to celebrate just being alive.

We weren’t supposed to be up in Vancouver for my birthday, but one thing led to another and here I was in my hometown.  We stopped into the Bel Cafe for breakfast for some amazing pastries and 49th parallel coffee.

breakfast at bel cafe vancouver with kids

Then we popped into the aquarium to see what the fish were up to.  The octopus was really determined to put on a show.

watching the octopus swim with the scuba diver at the vancouver aquarium with kids

Next we headed to North Vancouver to see the Capilano Suspension Bridge, something we haven’t visited in ages and a place I really wanted to see.

canyon cafe with kids in north vancouver

I read on Vancouver Mom that the nearby Canyon Restaurant was pretty good so we decided to try it out and we had a nice meal.  The whole area around the cafe is pretty neat too and I’d like to go back and toodle a bit.

capilano suspension bridge with kids at christmas


christmas at capilano suspension bridge is a great time to get photos

But this time, the guys were running out of steam.  Once we arrived at the Suspension Bridge they re-engergized and there were so many places for fun and festive photos so I was thrilled.  And the guys were too because it is the perfect place for little boys who love to explore.  They had so much fun trekking through the trees on the ground and in the air.

capilano suspension bridge with kids in vancouver is a must-see

treetop adventure capilano suspension bridgein vancouver is fun with kids

And of course the famed hanging suspension bridge was just really amazing to walk across.

capilano suspension bridge is not scary with kids

And because it’s spawning season, we could see ginormous salmon in the clear water below.  The boys thought the stamp passport and all the stations were the best part and it was really chilly so the hot chocolate kept us warm.

passport stamps at capilano suspension bridge is fun for kids

capilano suspension bridge with kids drinking hot chocolate

And while the cliffwalk seems most definitely safe, I still got the queasy vertigo feeling when I looked down, especially on the glass parts or when my guys tried to test the sides of the fences.

cliffwalk is the scariest part of the capilano suspension bridge with kids

I really wish we were still BC residents.  This is such a deal for 31 dollars or so for a YEAR’s pass.  I know I’m going to make us come back next month to see all the lights.  I think it would be absolutely incredible.

And maybe I’m biased because my day was already a special one, but I had a really lovely time here and I can’t wait to come back.  I’ve never recommended the Capilano Suspension Bridge before but now I think it will be one of my top places to see in Vancouver from now on.

Simply. Awesome.

(PS. The Capilano Suspension Bridge made Travel and Leisure’s World’s Scariest Bridges in 2010 even BEFORE they added the Cliffhanger.)


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