Just a little Monday shopping

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Yeah. Just shopping a little today.  You know.  Cyber-Monday. Take it or leave it, right?

I might buy a little.

Or maybe I’ve bought a lot.

But I have been shopping and I’m trying not to let all these sales excite me too much.  I’m a little wary that the fitbit my hubby bought me doesn’t really monitor exercise but has some kind of shopping-blood-excitement-level monitor in it to figure out my purchases and I need to keep these off the radar.

Except for this one:

Mom and Dad, I got you that toilet paper holder thing I broke at your house this weekend.  (Thank goodness Amazon delivers EVERYTHING.  I can’t wait till it arrives by DRONE!!!!)   I was trying to do a good deed in replacing the toilet paper in the guest bathroom and I totally shot the inside thing across the room and broke it in the process.  And although this might look like a spontaneous good deed, it was actually penance because I almost had to buy you a new white couch, a new white rug and a new white table too.

It’s alright now, but I tried out my new calligraphy set at your house and it didn’t go so well at first.  (They really need to explain HOW gently you need to shake the pen to start the ink.  It’s really oozy black sticky ink that could squirt EVERYWHERE if you are too enthusiastic. It could do a lot of damage.)

Thankfully you were upstairs and I was a speedy cleaner.  Things haven’t changed, have they?


Anyways, I’m also totally stoked about some pj’s I bought at Hanna Anderson.  I bought knock-off ones last year and was so disappointed in the quality and I think the guys will find these fun for Christmas Eve.

elf pajamas

I’m frantically searching for pictures I want to frame for my Snapbox wall and eyeing the cold-weather clothing on Mini-Boden

boden hat

and dreaming with the Alaska Airlines seat sale.

Baublebar also had a fun coupon today.

And I’m thinking about a Yellow Owl carve-a-stamp set I’ve been wanting. (It’s 30% off today!!!)

yellow owl workshop stamp kit

But I’m not that excited because I still have 12 or so hours to shop and so do you.  So happy Monday and I hope you’re calmly shopping too.

(PS if my parents actually read my blog like they say they do, the psychic in me is expecting a pretty excited phone call fairly soon so I maybe only have 11 hours left.  We’ll see.)


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