A truly hand-made gift for Christmas

learn how to arm knit
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This gift is actually not totally hand-made, but arm-made and I need to send a million thank yous to whoever pinned “arm-knitting” in my pinterest feed.  Of course something so unusual-sounding peaked my interest and the scarf Simply Maggie created looked very cool. Her youtube video for the 30-minute infinity scarf also made making a scarf seem pretty quick and easy, so yes, of course, I wanted to make one too.
Being a terrible knitter made this a little tricky at first.  I actually watched the first 30 seconds of the video about a hundred times before I had to find another video to show me how to make a slip knot.

arm-knitting video and learning how to arm-knit
And then I tied my arms together.
But after a while I got the hang of arm-knitting and even though I made a bunch of mistakes it was difficult to see them in the finished product.

arm knit on arm how to
I even knit a second scarf to see if it got easier the second time.  It totally was.  I think I almost made it in around 30 minutes and I totally felt like a pro.

arm knit scarf
So this is the most perfect gift with Christmas only a few sleeps away and I don’t mean that anyone, including me, should go crazy making arm-scarves for friends and family.  The beauty of this gift is the skill you get with it and I’m simply going to buy some yarn, package it nicely and include a link to the video and Maggie’s awesome blog.  I’m now an arm-knitter forever and I can’t wait to revolutionize the lives of some of the people I love.

Knitting needles? Meh.  Now arm-knitting is the type of craft you eat your Wheaties for.

(PS. make sure you double up your yarn and buy REALLY thick stuff.)

(PPS. make sure you go to the bathroom before you start this project as you may literally get tied up.)

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