Homesick pictures after a weekend away

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We travel a lot but sometimes even an exciting weekend away leaves me a little homesick and by the end of the trip I just want to get home and unwind in my own house before the week starts. On the drive home, I start thinking about the laundry I need to fold, the lunches that need to get made, or the groceries I have to buy to restock my fridge.  But not this weekend. This weekend, I traveled north to my hometown and I really just wanted to savor every drop.

seymour mountain

I had the loveliest evening with my hubby at a crazy penalty-filled/nail-biter of a hockey game.

at the hockey game
Our favorite Vancouver restaurant, Chambar was part of Dine Out Vancouver so I got reservations and it was such a beautiful meal.  I love how their dishes are so artistically presented and taste really yummy too .

chambar salad

chambar dine out

We managed to do a family ski-trip to Seymour, which has to be the best kid-friendly mountain in the Northwest to learn how to ski. (FYI when kids are in the ski-school, parents get half-priced tickets.)  We couldn’t put the guys in ski school this weekend but they did a private lesson and it made it really easy to get a couple kid-free runs in too.

riding the chairlift

mount seymour


skiing at seymour

magic carpet mount seymour

I showed up at a dear friends’ with some donuts I bought (I finally made it to Cartems where they have Earl Grey AND pear/blue cheese donuts on the roster) and she had picked up my favorite cookies (sprinkle-y pink from Casa Del Pane in Newport Village), so we had the ultimate dessert feast.

cartems donuts

And the rest of the weekend was filled with people I love and lounging and feasting and catching up.

But instead of a photostream that captures those sweet memories, I have this:

cookies from case del pane port moody

cartems donuts earl grey and triple chocolate

And I guess this proves I have to make a better point of snapping pictures, even though it seems a little cheesy to stop and take a picture for the memory. It is so much easier to capture a still little slice of the day (especially a food slice) than the beautiful people in my life when I’m living the moment and I’m the happiest.  I need to remember to snap a shot when I’m  having dinner with a dear friend on a very-good hair day or when I see how gracefully another friend has grown into a beautiful mother of two.  I wish I could capture a piece of how heart-soothing it feels to watch the Bachelor with my mom or chat late into the night with my sister while she bakes or how thankful I am when my dad still rescues me with my car.  (Thanks for scraping my windows this morning, dad.  It was FREEZING out there!)

And yes, I know I can’t take pictures of ALL these things all the time, but I’ve ordered a real camera and I think I’m going to make an effort to actually LEARN how to use the buttons and lenses.  I might even take a class.

At least it’s easy to take photos of my kids and sleepy dogs.  I guess that’s a start.

lhasa apso britney spaniel

But today, if I could take a picture of my heart, it would probably look like the fog that just spread all over everywhere along the drive between my two homes.  It’s times like this, when I leave one home to go to the other that I truly wish I could always be in two places at once.


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