Happy Valentine’s Day

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I’m hoping wherever you are you are having a wonderful, warm and happy “love love love” day.  (That’s what my boys still call this day in our house.  The whole concept of Valentine’s Day is a little more difficult to explain. Hearts are easy)

sounders family picture

driving in a ford mustang
Today I’m totally thankful for friends and family and thankful I get to spend the day with the only three boys I’d gladly share my shave ice with.

shave ice

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and I have really great memories of this day from when I was little.  My mom and dad used to surprise my sister and I with little treats in our room on Valentine’s Day.  We woke up to things like a necklace and some chocolates and I remember one year it was some perfume in a rose that I totally treasured because it made me feel “grown-up” and special.  And any holiday that celebrates chocolate is the type of holiday I love.

valentine's day treats

And now I’m definitely trying to keep this morning tradition with my guys even though we’re a little far away from home this holiday.  (Thank you so much mom and dad for starting this tradition! We’re so lucky to have you both!)

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