Wheel-y Awesome Find on a Monday

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How have I never seen this before?

solo wheel

And how has the hubby not seen it and tried to buy one yet?  For the longest time in college, my husband commuted by scooter and then he finally joined the Seattle bike commuter ranks last year.  But this? I saw this on our drive to Costco this morning and it looks absolutely magical.  I know he would totally want it if he saw it in real life-it’s called a Solo Wheel and because it was super rainy when I took my picture ( I guess you can even ride it in the RAIN??!!!)  all I got was a blur but you can see it in this video. The guy that we saw riding it just hopped on and rode around like he was Harry Potter on one wheel.  I wonder if it’s difficult to ride?  And I totally hope they have these for rent on Alki Beach this summer!  And am I the only one who has never seen it in real life before?  I thought it was a Segway that lost its handlebars. I totally can’t wait to try it.

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