Trying out Papa Murphy’s Pan Pizza (a sponsored post)

toppings for days
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I know I talk a lot about the foods we eat out on this blog, but I don’t always talk about what we eat in.  I do like to cook and try new recipes.  Sometimes they turn out amazing and sometimes they turn out horribly.  And sometimes, I don’t have time to make a full meal or if I do make something and I think it might have disaster potential, I like to make sure I have a back up.  So we do frequent Papa Murphy’s a lot because their take and bake pizza is reliable, easy and my family likes it.  There’s one near our hockey rink and so it’s very convenient to just pick up a pizza on the way home from a tiring practice (do you know how hard it is to lug around hockey equipment??!!) so that we can have a simple dinner.

hockey in Seattle

I like to supplement the pizzas with homemade salads so I kind of feel like I made dinner and I can make sure we all eat enough vegetables too.  I really like this roasted grape and farro one from Martha Stewart and I just tried a nicoise salad recipe from my Relish cookbook and it’s one of my favorites right now too.

Anyways, we got to try Papa Murphy’s brand new pan pizza last week and I think everyone in the neighborhood was getting pizza the day.  It was blustery, cold and a perfect pizza night.

I hadn’t really thought much about the newness of pan pizza there because I’ve always really enjoyed the Papa Murphy crust.  So my first impression was a little skewed because of this little warning sign that came with the pizza about the “buttery oil”.

pan pizza from Papa Murphys

We are trying to eat healthy and the idea of added oil kind of freaked me out.

But I cooked it up like the directions said and of course all my guys loved it-it was definitely buttery and crispy and delightful.  And even with my heightened oil wariness, once it was cooked the pizza didn’t seem overly oily, or even as oily as the regular pan pizzas you get if you go get one in a restaurant or delivery (although I must say I never thought about HOW they got the yummy crispy crust before!).  My favorite part is the toppings.  They definitely do ample toppings here!

toppings for days

So for me and our healthy eating I’m thankful that at least this one came WITH a scary label so I made sure we all ate a ton of salad to rest my mind and I think it made a pretty good dinner that way.

And though it was a lovely treat, I’ll probably stick with our regular that we love-we do a vegetarian on the delite or signature crust with added pineapple (Whoever thought of adding pineapple to pizza was a GENIUS!!!) because that’s what we’ve always done.  But it was fun to switch it up a bit and try something new and I think this is a great option if you’re trying to make a really fresh pan pizza at home and I’m really glad I got to try this one out.  Do you do take and bake pizza?  And do you have a crust preference?  And totally please let me know if you have a great salad option that would go with our pizza too!

(PS This post is part of a sponsored program with Papa Murphy’s and Momselect and all thoughts and opinions in the review above are my own.)

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