One really awesome thing: Mini Metropolitan Market at the Children’s Museum (Seattle, WA)

  • Terumi
  • March 19, 2014
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I would have loved this as a kid and I bet you would have too.  At the Seattle Children’s Museum they have an area where the kids can scan items on a real cash register like they have in real stores.

fake shopping at seattle children's museum

We played blow-out sale at Mini Metropolitan Market this morning with our shopping carts full and the kids didn’t even mind putting it all back.  (We actually love the real Metropolitan Market.  It is super kid-friendly and our neighborhood one has a secret cookie stash, lots of cheese samples, a really sweet staff and fun little carts for the kids to push around.)

checking out food at seattle children's museum

After we played, we went upstairs to our favorite food court in Seattle, where bagels were the food of choice today.  We love Eltana bagels.  The salt bagel toasted with cream cheese is amazing.  (Even if you have trade it with the salvaged one your kid drops on the floor.  Motherhood.)

eating eltana bagels at the armory in seattle center

And because we had such a good shopping experience at the museum, I noticed that we were seated close enough to Plum Bistro for me to let the guys try an experiment in independence.  I sent them together to buy dessert and the lady at the counter was really nice to them.  They came back with ginormous grins on their faces because they chose, paid and got the change themselves.  They were real customers.

plum bistro seattle center

I also took a peek at the new counter at Plum Bistro where I think they’re going to be doing a lot more salads and other things.  I love the look of the new era of ‘fast food’

plum bistro food case at seattle center

and I think it’s amazing we have these choices in the heart of our city and so close to a museum where my kids like to play.  Next time we go back, I’m excited to see if the new taco store, Blue Water Taco opens up too.  We saw it in it’s beginning stages and it will be nice to have yet one more tasty food option at Seattle Center for our adventures.

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