Sniffly Monday Shoe Shopping

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Usually I love Mondays.  The kids are at school.  The house is semi-clean.  I have a little time to myself for running, grocery shopping and starting the week.  But today I’m a little sniffly and all I want to do is cuddle up in a bed with a warm blanket and a cup of tea and think about this adorable dog in a dog-sweater I saw outside of a Starbucks this weekend.

broken furniture in shipping

Then the side-table that I bought online at Target showed up totally broken and made me oh so sad.  I was so excited about this table and I thought it would look pretty nice but it’s quality didn’t survive the UPS truck, so I don’t know how long it would last anyways so maybe this kind of thing is good karma in disguise.  And usually I don’t mind talking to customer service, but today the person on the other end sounded robotic and I am now extremely curious if maybe I actually talked to a real robot, and maybe in the future it might be nice if I could buy a real robot to make calls like this for me.

But thankfully, there are still humans making beautiful things.  I am so thankful for these mugs that arrived with a lovely note from NS Pottery that reminded me why I adore shopping small-businesses and handmade goods.  These are definitely love in a cup and I think I’m going to need to buy more for gifts this year and I really appreciated the sweet note that came with them.

ns pottery

I’m also shopping shoes today.  I wish I could go in store, but it’s nice to be able to eat chicken noodle soup while I shop them online. I do want these ones, they’re adorable oxfords and I can’t stop thinking about them.  But they are impractical as a spring travel shoe with kids in tow and I know I need something a little more rain-proof and more versatile right now.

dv oxfords

Lovely Emily today (thanks twitter!), recommended these Reef Summer Shoes, (I think these are the ones) so I will definitely check them out after I wear through my TOMS again.  I think the stripe-y design will be good for summer and I like the fact that they aren’t super expensive and they look like they have a comfortable sole.

striped reef summer shoes

These ones by Steve Madden are almost exactly what I’m looking for my upcoming trip and they are on sale today too.  (Except I will probably lace them in an un-cool way that might totally throw off this look.  I am definitely comfort over style.)

steve madden cute booties

And these might also work, but the heel might be too high.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 12.57.20 PM

And if I won the lottery, I’d pick these, because I love suede shoes, but inevitably would destroy them in a day out in our Seattle liquid sunshine.

tod's sued

So I’m sniffly, but happy sniffly, because a little shoe-shopping makes everything lovely and oh my goodness, those cherry blossoms outside make everything better too. (It is gorgeous outside right now!)

cherry blossoms in Seattle

I’ll let you know what shoes I do pick but if you have some suggestions, I’d love to hear, I guess I’m looking for an oxford, loafer or low boot style.  I also need a good April Fool’s Day prank for the guys for tomorrow, I’m thinking I might revisit the faux eggs I made a few years ago……

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