If you haven’t heard of Strasbourg, France you might want to especially at Easter (Europe with kids)

easter in Strasbourg France with kids
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When we planned our “Let’s go to Europe trip” we were just excited that Iceland Air would let us book with a stopover in Iceland on the way to Paris then fly out of Zurich.  We chose those places because they sounded neat and their timetables worked with ours.  So Strasbourg was no different.  I needed a place that was in between Zurich and Paris and it was right in the middle and seemed like an interesting city.

strasbourg France with kids in the Spring

I wanted to see the big church there and the clock inside it.

church clock in strasbourg with kids traveling

I’d heard the clock was hundreds of years old and it did something fancy at 11:30am. (PS. it was neat, but the awesome-est part of going there for the clock show was that the rest of the church gets emptied at that time so you have the whole place to yourself.)

traveling in strasbourg with kids visiting a cathedralstrasbourg with kids in a beautiful cathedral

We ended up climbing the stairs to the top of the church (they were steep with kids) and the views were phenomenal!

can kids climb the stairs to the top of the strasbourg cathedral at eastertime

view from strasbourg cathedral which was open on easter

A lovely reader also sent me some awesome information about Strasbourg because she had been there and had family that lived there. (Thanks so much Colleen and Emma-you’re definitely one reason I love blogging!) I knew we were going to fall in love with this city.
But we were on Easter weekend so I was a little worried that things would shut down and we’d have nothing to do.

Strasbourg is a great place to visit at Easter with kids there are so many amazing activities for families

We found out that Strasbourg at a Easter is amazing. Everyone was out and about and it was vibrant and gorgeous.

strasbourg at easter is absolutely wonderful for family travel

strasbourg at easter with kidsthings for kids to do in strasbourg at easter

Our hotel gave out little bunny flyers and with our basic French we knew if we brought them to a specific place at a specific time we would get a bunny-shaped SOMETHING.  But we weren’t sure what that was.

easter in strasbourg with kids there are many things to do and seeeaster in strasbourg france with kids is amazingstrasbourg france at easter is a great place to visit with kids

That something ended up being a balloon and there were thousands of bunny shaped balloons and it was neat to see some of them soar high above the city.

strasbourg france with kids at eastertime when there is a big festival

produce in strasbourg france during an easter festival in a market

There was a farmers market at one of the churches and they had animals you could pet. animals in the square at easter in strasbourg france with kids

The kids loved the amusement rides we found throughout the city too, that I think were only there for the Easter weekend too.

strasbourg france with kids there are many carousels to ride strasbourg france with kids where there are many carousels to ride at eastertime

And there was a ton of shopping-I really enjoyed a stop at a cookie store even though I misread the signs and nearly paid hundreds of dollars for cookies. (It was at La Cure Gourmande Alpes and you might want to read the English reviews to understand how to get the cookies before you go.)

strasbourg with kids we found many great restaurants that were open at eastertime
The kids were happy we found them a pasta restaurant and I really enjoyed all the food places we ate at (especially a pizza-like regional specialty called a tarte flambee).

pastries at Patisserie Koenig in Strassbourg France

We had coffee and pastries at Pastisserie Koenig and the city felt so safe the guys loved wandering a little more independently.

strasbourg france with kids in the spring is a great place for families to visitkid-friendly strasbourg france is a great place to travel

strasbourg france with kids is perfect for family travel in europestrasbourg france with kids felt safe and easy to travel


We also had a fun time trying out our French in some cute little bakeries for snacks and we noticed that pretzels here were called “bretzels” and they were pretty tasty!


buying bretzels in strasbourg with kids is a great treat

And one ice cream stand scooped ice cream in pretty flower shapes!

interesting way to scoop icecream in France like a flower shape


I was tempted to take the tram or little train we saw driving around or the neat looking flat boats that toured the city waterways but everyone was content to just walk and peruse the sights and we only had a few short days.

la petite france is a great place to visit with kids in Strasbourg

The kids really liked wandering the area called La Petite France and the boat locks there were a big hit (especially because we have some nearby our home in Seattle too!)

la petite france with kids in the springla petite france with kids in April we needed puffy coats because it was cold

When we left Strasbourg we were really intrigued by the train station-it looked like a modern glass building but inside it housed what looked like an original station and we loved the design.

strasbourg train station is old and new and a gorgeous site to see

We had such a magical time in Strasbourg and it’s neat to think it was just chance that brought us there. I hope we pass through again.


9 thoughts on “If you haven’t heard of Strasbourg, France you might want to especially at Easter (Europe with kids)

  1. Loved seeing your photos! I’ll pass on your post to my sister-in-law. She’ll be thrilled to see her hometown through your eyes!

    1. Thanks Colleen! I’m so glad we stopped in Strasbourg. I wish we could have stayed longer:)

  2. Great article about my home town! I was happy to read that you enjoyed it. Beautiful pictures! The little lambs are part of my childhood. It’s nice to read some names which are so familiar to me: Pâtisserie Koenig, La Cure Gourmande…

    1. There were too many tasty places to eat in Strasbourg. We had such a fantastic time. Thank you for your help!

  3. Strasbourg looks like such a family-friendly destination, and it’s not one that was on my radar. Hundreds of dollars for cookies? Sounds like something I might accidentally do. I hope you were either buying a whole lot or they were dusted in gold. Easter in France looks fantastic. It’s not much of a holiday in Malaysia, so ours was very low key.

    1. Strasbourg was definitely great for families. I think they might even have a science center or zoo. And the cookies were definitely my fault. I thought the price for a box was the price of it filled with cookies but later found out that was only the price for the BOX, the cookies were also an additional charge. But it made a funny story and at least they were tasty. I really need to get to Malaysia on our next trip to Singapore. It looks fantastic.

  4. We so loved our two days in Strasbourg. We stayed right across from the very cool Gare de Strasbourg and steps from Petit France. Found memories. Enjoyed reading about your experience.

  5. I a man loving strasbourg but I have a tantruming 20 month old and everyone is either commenting or shooting me dirty looks, except for the visiting Americans who have reached out with empathy… it’s made me too scared to eat out now which is sad as everyone mentions how family friend it is!

    1. Oh no! 20 months old is tough. I think wherever you are in the world that age can be so unpredictable and I remember feeling like I was in the spotlight a lot when my guys were that age. Sometimes eating out at lunch was our best time and then eating in for dinner made things easier especially in places where meals can take a long time, but we only figured that out through many embarrassing trials and errors. I hope things get better. Thank you for stopping by:)

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