Ballard Locks

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These toddlers have a ton of energy and I sometimes feel like I can’t keep up.  But then just when I feel like I have my hands totally full, we run into something like this duck we saw the other day at the zoo and I’m reminded that I only have two Littles and not a flock of 11 little hatchlings following me around.

I think today’s break from the rainy weather will also help with all the cooped in feelings we are experiencing in Seattle right now.  We woke up to cloudy skies and not a torrential downpour, so we decided to do something outdoorsy today.  And after seeing the guys get so excited remembering about past trips to Ballard Locks when we were reading the book Goodnight Seattle last night I decided that is exactly where we would go.

I was a little worried because this is the first time I took them without a stroller or wagon, but they were so happy to be at the Locks they walked and ran most of the way.  W parked themselves on this spot on one of the little bridges and they wouldn’t move for at least 15 minutes waiting for a boat to come into the canal.  While they were waiting, one of the workers at the Locks gave them a couple boat coloring books that will definitely keep them occupied on some future restaurant outing.

Finally they were rewarded.  They also loved seeing the train bridge open in the distance.

We also checked out the fish ladder to see if there were any fish.  Apparently baby salmon (smolt) come back in April, but we saw none.  They did like pressing the buttons under the exhibit signs, so I was forced to learn a lot of fish facts and information about the Ballard (Hiram M Chittenden) Locks.

We snacked and played near this octopus looking contraption and sat on the stairs of this beautiful building.

Then we got in the car and headed off to our favorite fish and chips place at Fisherman’s Terminal and called it a fabulous morning.

6 thoughts on “Ballard Locks

  1. It sounds like it was a fabulous morning! The Ballard Locks are always amazing for kids of all ages!

  2. I love to hear about your whereabouts. Everyday, no matter what time, I find myself gravitating to and reading about your day’s adventures.

    Thanks, boys, for keeping us abreast of your activities. You will have to take me to the locks so I can see them firsthand. I’ve only seen them from a distance-and sometimes twice when I’ve been lost in the area.

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