Exploring tidepools with the Seattle Aquarium (for FREE in Seattle!)


June 2, 2014 by Terumi

Oh you know I already have some serious love for the Seattle Aquarium and their great kids’ programs, but I just found out about their low tide Beach Naturalist program and my guys and I had so much fun exploring Tidepools with them last week.

low tide exploring Tidepools with seattle aquariumcarkeek park We learned to touch with one finger only when we were exploring Tidepools with the Seattle Aquarium

I didn’t realize how many lovely things lived in OUR neighborhood.  We explored at Carkeek Park and there were so many kids and school groups there, but the beach was not too crowded and we found lots of neat sea animals and it was awesome having beach naturalists there to talk to us about the neat things we found.seastars in seattle

We learned that many animals live in Eelgrass and we shouldn’t walk in it.

We learned there is a big rock called Whispering Rock because you can hear the barnacles making noises that sound like whispers when you lean close to it.

whispering rock in carkeek park

We also learned that this crab is called a kelp crab and it was not happy.

kelp crab

My guys and I had so much fun, we are definitely going to try and visit all the Seattle beaches for lowtide this summer.  It is so amazing what we can find here and sometimes we forget that we don’t have to travel for to find spectacular things.  We also love Carkeek Park because the trains go by here and we get to see trains and beach all at the same time.

exploring with seattle aquarium at lowtide

And any excuse to don rainboots and explore is definitely something that we love!

exploring lowtide at carkeek park(PS. we ended up at the Seattle Aquarium the very next day because the guys wanted to see MORE sea life!)


  1. What a great tip! I can’t wait to visit some of the beaches with my kids.

  2. […] this summer and we’ve worn boots most of the time. (We’ve been to Discovery Park and Carkeek a lot and they’ve been […]

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